3d creatures | characters

Zbrush sculpt with polypaint | bigger picture here

final zbrush sculpt, bigger picture here

work in progress | zbrush+polypaint screenshot | bigger picture here

lowpoly version with 6120 polygons & 2x2048 normalmap testures | bigger version here

LowPoly character costume with 2500 polygons and 3 maps diffuse|normal|specular

4500 triangles | 3x1024 maps | rendered in Marmoset | bigger picture here

low-poly version of a Jolly Chimp | 3044 tris | 1024 Diffuse | big turnaround here

bigger picture here

Unfinished sculpt of moray eel

unfinished project | zbrush + marvelous designer | bigger picture here

work in progress | test colors

3ds max, Marvelous Designer, ZBrush, VRay
model done for 3d stock